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Andy Mac Video Part
Andy Mac Video Part
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Andy Mac Video Part

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  • By Route One
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Right, first off, let us explain. Every week loads of great clips and interviews drop, and these past seven days have been no exception. Top of the pile until only a few moments ago was the brand new Deathwish release featuring long time friend of Route One Mike 'Lizardking' Plumb and his good mate Jon Dixon. The vid is amazing and on any other week it'd likely be high on our list of recommendations. But, and we hope you'll understand, it was released through Thrasher (meaning you'll likely have already seen it) and this Andy MacDonald part is so good in its own right that we thought it would be criminal to bypass it just because he isn't exactly the coolest.

Born and raised in Melrose, Massachusetts, Andy is considered about as much of a kook as it is possible to get. Right back in his earliest days he wrote an open letter to the industry, telling the stars of the era how he was coming to show them how it's done (admittedly he was joking but we all know how difficult expressing intonation can be through the medium of text!) and from then on it's been one example after another of a nice guy just not being very "on it" socially. However, he really does rip and, despite being on the verge of turning 45, this latest part (filmed exclusively at the brand new Linda Vista skatepark) is insane.

If the same tricks and lines were committed to film by Grant Taylor or Ronnie Sandoval the skate world would be collectively wetting its pants right about now. But, because Andy isn't down with the right people or sponsors, this is going largely unnoticed. And that's a great shame because the skateboarding really is magnificent. With that in mind we have to share it with you; the herd mentality is not something we like to advocate and sometimes the gnarliest things can come from the most unlikely people and this is pretty god damn gnarly. We hope you enjoy.

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