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Elissa Steamer 'Ride or Die'

Jun 2018 by Route One

OG as it gets, Fort Myers, FL native Elissa Steamer may well have broken a million and one glass ceilings back in the nineties, paving the way for a scene that now readily understands girls can rip just as hard as any guy, but nowadays she's taking it one step further and proving women in their 40's are way gnarlier than me, you and the rest of your crew.


Long time homies Shake Junt (read up on the infamous Warner Avenue days if you don't already know) have seen fit to reward her decades of service with a guest board and a celebratory edit of Elissa, Reynolds and more tearing up everything their local has to offer. Legendary for a reason, Elissa's 42 years don't stop her from performing the most proper frontside noseblunt we've seen in many a year, as well as her mastery of the good ol' fakie nosegrind.

Many kids today might not realise how big a deal a female pro was back in the day but for everything Nora, Samarria, Lizzie and more are achieving, they're doing it standing on the shoulders of the giant that is Elissa Steamer. Most of us need somebody to pave the way and show us that it's possible and Elissa proved anyone one of us can be a skater if we want it enough.

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