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Atlantic Drift Hawaii

Aug 2018 by Route One

Word on the grapevine is that this, the latest installment of Jacob Harris' excellent Atlantic Drift series, may well be the last. Whilst we can neither confirm or deny these rumours we can let it be said that this newest episode contains what are surely to become two of the most iconic 360 flips of the modern era.

And that's no exaggeration. The ability to take a bog standard trick and make is special is testament not only to the skate abilities of the riders within but the ethereal like quality these productions exude. The first instance you've likely already seen; Mike Arnold precariously balancing on a slim concrete beam, high above the sea. It's the perfect amalgam of style under pressure and the eternal show off child in all of us that wishes we could pull off something so outrageously silly.

The second example however is a 'blink and you'll miss it moment' that passes by at such speed that you might not even recognise its brilliance on first watch. But it's that speed, especially in the surroundings in which it's performed, that make Tom Knox's mid line example one of the finest 360 flips we've seen in a while. Sure, it's a bit scrappy and it isn't winning any height competitions but, and this is a big but, it's faster than just about any other example we've seen in quite some time and the complete line in which it belongs is a thing of eternal beauty. 

Are we talking too much?  Check it out for yourself, you'll see what we mean...


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