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Vino de Venaro
Vino de Venaro
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Vino de Venaro

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • Skate Vino de Venaro

Alright, ok, we get it. A lot of the footage in this is at least four or five years old and quite a bit of it appeared in last year's 'The Flare.'  However it does contain some previously unseen trickery, and who can argue with anything Jesus Fernandez puts out? Not us, that's for sure! 

Born and raised in Madrid before relocating to the Catalan capital Barcelona (way, way wayyyy before Macba and skate tourism was even a 'thing'), few people have had as sizable an impact on technical ledge skating as Jesus and it's great to see him still pushing boundries as he ventures into his 40's.

Filmed predominantly in his adoptive home of Barcelona (with a little Murcia thrown in for good measure) this is everything you'd hope for in a Jesus Fernandez part. The filming is perfect, the music choice is sublime and the tricks, both technically and stylistically, meld the piece together as though it was always meant to be. Basically some people just have it like that and, for that reason alone, we're not going to apologise for sharing old footage, especially when it comes from the one and only Jesus Fernandez!


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