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AWS Welcomes Yaje Pospon
AWS Welcomes Yaje Pospon
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AWS Welcomes Yaje Pospon

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Ever since the legendary Alien Workshop brand relaunched last year they have taken the wise route of rebuilding to company’s image with up and coming lesser known rippers who absolutely destroy it on a skateboard; new recruit Yaje Popson is no exception.

Hailing from New York and announcing his addition to the Sovereign Sect with this stonking two minute part, Yaje first came to the attention of the wider world with his ‘Sk8rats’ section this time last year and adds to his budding reputation with some genuinely rad and raw ATV action.

What’s up with that ender though? And why was nobody on car watching duty!?! A feeble transfer is no doubt a radical manoeuvre but it tends to be favourable to not get killed by a car on the ride out (we’re pretty certain he didn’t actualy die but equally we’re damn sure it wasn’t the best part of his day either. What a dafty)!

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