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Axel is Pro
Axel is Pro
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Axel is Pro

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
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To say we're stoked on this one doesn't come close to doing our feelings justice! Toy Machine have just turned Axel pro and, given how close we became on the R1xEtnies Free Skate Tour a few years back, we class ourselves as good friends so we're totally thrilled to bits for the lad! 

As we all know,  the Poperigne born ripper proved himself totally invaluable on the 2015 'Thrasher King of the Road' trip and was justifiably bumped up to fill team status at the end of the two weeks. Now, less than 24 months later, Ed T and the boys have seen fit to promote him once again, not only bestowing upon him the ultimate skateboarding honour but doing it in style as this brand new clip from Thrasher shows.

We don't wanna give the game away too much but lets just say it looks as though the news came as a very welcome surprise. Congrats Axel, we always knew you were a beast, now the rest of the world can share that knowledge and maybe buy a couple of your signature boards too!

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