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Atlantic Drift - Episode 4
Atlantic Drift - Episode 4
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Atlantic Drift - Episode 4

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  • By Route One
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Jacob Harris and associated cohorts are back once again with the Atlantic Drift and this, episode 4 in New York, somehow manages to surpass the astounding levels of brilliance achieved in the series' earlier outings. 

Once again released in conjunction with Thrasher, featuring the combined talents of Tom Knox, Casper Brooker, Mike Arnold and more, and following the same innovative format of sound exploration alongside standard and high definition filming, there is quite simply nothing else like it being made right now. 

Innovative editing is all well and good in its own right but, as everybody knows, if the skating doesn't cut it then you might as well not bother - trust us when we say this skating seriously cuts it. In a city as rinsed as New York you'd expect new spots and creative lines to be all but played out; thankfully our intrepid trio, alongside the likes of Mark Suciu, Kevin Coakley and more, prove there still plenty of life in the old girl yet.  

Words cannot express just how good this is, the only thing for it is to press play and see for yourself.

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