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BATB 8 - Round 2 So Far...
BATB 8 - Round 2 So Far...
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BATB 8 - Round 2 So Far...

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

The battle continues! Round 1 saw plenty of action with some of the biggest names in skateboard getting knocked out by the newcomers and some just scrapping through.

Now 32 riders whittled down to 16, there is only space for 8 in the quarter finals as the competition gets fierce!

The first 4 matches have been played out with 2 massive names Eric Koston taking on PJ Ladd, the legend that is P Rod takes on the lesser know Sewa Kroeykov, Will Fyock battles Chris Joslin and raining champion of BATB 7 Cody Cepeda fights Chris Chann in order to haver a chance of retaining his title.

Check out how they all got on here...

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