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Best Of 2014: Tony Hawk Perched

Dec 2014 by Route One

At the other end of the age spectrum to those oh so cool street kids Bill Stroebeck was documenting you’ll find the man without any peers; Mr Anthony Frank Hawk.

2014 saw Tony release a brand new section that, with a remix soundtrack that did more than heavily nod towards his video game past, blew minds of every skater on the planet fortunate enough to have access to the internet.

In his ‘Weekend Buzz’ interview, released the week preceding the part, Birdhouse founder Tony stated that he felt he couldn’t match the way he felt things were going in vert skating and so instead has been looking down often forgotten avenues to see how he can still push himself and his sport.

It’s as though this part that is a perfect representation of this frame of thought; exceeding hard lip tricks, combos and the like – most of which have never been thought of, let alone done – get knocked out like he’s Daewon skating a micro ramp. Don’t let his humble nature fool you, this stuff is as hard if not harder than all the theatrical mega ramp stuff and, for those that can appreciate it, thoroughly more watchable. Here’s hoping 2015 sees more new footage from Tony – he makes the world a better place!

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