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Best of 2015: Tony Hawk and Birdhouse at Nass
Best of 2015: Tony Hawk and Birdhouse at Nass
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Best of 2015: Tony Hawk and Birdhouse at Nass

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

When the press release appeared in our inbox earlier this year, stating that skateboarding’s most famous son would not only be visiting our shores but doing so at the weekend of muddy debauchery that is the Nass Festival, we have to say we were a tad sceptical. To be honest we thought it was an April fool’s prank!

But when it turned out they weren’t pulling our leg and the Birdman and his associated rag tag crew of Birdhouse skateboarders were indeed headed our way – well, we simply could not have been more excited!

Fast forward to a thankfully sunny weekend in late July and the man himself, fresh from his wedding in Ireland, was walking amongst the hyped up revellers and porta loos around the Shepton Mallet site.

The street course demo featuring  Ben Raybourn, Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki, Clint Walker & David Loy kicked the day off in fine style, Raybourn in particular winning a whole new army of fans with his total annihilation of the Cow Shed and it’s mammoth sized BMX obstacles. Then, at 4pm, as the wind died and the sun miraculously burst through our infamous British rain clouds Tony Hawk dropped in to kick off a summer’s afternoon that will be remembered by all that witnessed it until their dying day.

Nass has had many exciting and memorable moments over the years (Stu Graham’s dirty protest immediately springs to mind) but they’re going to have to work exceedingly hard to top 2015 – this was Tony Hawk!

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