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Bobby Worrest: Riddles in Mathematics
Bobby Worrest: Riddles in Mathematics
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Bobby Worrest: Riddles in Mathematics

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One
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Bobby Worrrest is a recipient of that oh so rare and prestigious level of praise afforded in skateboarding circles; he is, without a shadow of a doubt, a "skateboarder's skateboarder." Caring not for internet likes or energy drink dollars, Bobby hones his crafts in the raw streets of the American capital, proving it is still possible to maintain a skate career whilst "keeping it real" in 2017 and don't his peers respect him for it!

Hailing from Washington, DC, the Krooked and Nike SB backed ripper is also the beneficiary of an even rarer honour, joining the likes of Heath, MJ, Muska & Reynolds as part of an exclusive bunch of pro skateboarders to have filmed more than one Transworld video part. Though that may seem of little importance in an era of constantly released online footage, to those of a certain demographic few things carry the esteem of being asked to star in a full length Transworld production and Bobby has managed it twice. Think about that for a second!

So, it is with the online release of his latest part 'Riddles in Mathematics' that we find ourselves singing his praises to you now. Filmed by revered Transworld videographer Chris Thiessen and hosted directly on their site, the best way we can describe this is to say it's skateboarder's skateboarding. This is raw, this is no nonsense and, most of all, this is radical - have two minutes of man sized skateboarding right now!

Bobby Worrest: Riddles in Mathematics

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