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Extra Flare: Simon Bannerot
Extra Flare: Simon Bannerot
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Extra Flare: Simon Bannerot

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  • By Route One
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Ten years ago, when the legendary Lakai release 'Fully Flared' premiered to a waiting world, the big surprise contained within was the resurgent comeback of the original skateboarding wunderind, the one and only Guy Mariano. So triumphant was his return to the professional fold that even the epic, three song 'SOTY' winning part from Marc Johnson could only jostle for equal billing in the eyes of the viewing public.

Now, a decade and many team changes later, the tables have turned and the zeitgeist challenging face melter from brand new release 'The Flare' belongs to virtually unknown 18 year old Seattle, Washington native Simon Bannerot.  Such is the level of skateboard prowess  on show from this young man, the powers that be at Lakai H/Q have pinned their hopes of promotional hype on his strong shoulders to whet your appetite enough to fork out for the full length.

Seventeen minutes of alternative angles and 'behind the scenes' footage whizz by in a whirlwind of almost unintelligible skateboarding madness. Hosted by Thrasher, the clip does a fine job showcasing that, although a lot of big names may have moved on to pastures new since those heady days of '07, the Lakai squad still has talent running deep and the ability to take over the skate world with their favoured tactic of shock and awe. The future is in good hands when there are people skateboarding like this...


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