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Brian Wenning Interview
Brian Wenning Interview
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Brian Wenning Interview

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Back in those heady days around the turn of the millennium few skaters were expected to make an impact as much as New Jersey’s Brian Wenning.

Bursting into our collective consciousness in Zoo York’s ‘Heads’, following up with an appearance in AWS’ seminal ‘Photosynthesis’ and then cementing his place in skate folklore with a starring roll in ‘The DC Video’, it seemed as though Brian could do no wrong. Transworld ‘Subtleties’ followed the Habitat video and then a stint at the newly revamped Plan B seemed to suggest he was on course for verified legend status. Then he disappeared.

Various interviews with the big man himself have surfaced over the intervening years but none are as in depth as this piece from Bobshirt; this is essential viewing for a fan of 00’s skateboarding or simply anyone interested in one of the great rise and fall stories our lifestyle has ever seen. The skate industry can be a cruel mistress if you don’t play by her tune and Brian’s is a cautionary tale and one very worthy of your time.

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