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Bryan Herman 'Made 2' B-sides

Nov 2016 by Route One

Everyone loves a good 'B-sides' remix. You get to see your favourite pro's working their socks off for your favourite tricks in their latest part and also a few other moves somehow not deemed radical enough to make it into the final cut. Nobody makes these clips better than Emerica and the recent release of 'Made 2' means we're in that most wonderful of times where a new one drops every other week!

The latest to get the raw footage treatment is Baker Skateboards' Victorville, CA native and owner of quite possibly the greatest sunglasses game in the business, Mr Bryan Herman. Growing up under the wing of 'The Boss', it's no wonder Reynolds' protege produces skateboarding as "proper" as that on show here. You don't get a reputation for the best hard flips known to man without a little bit of radness after all.

He's also the owner of one heck of a mean nollie inward heal, as illustrated right at the very beginning of his Made 2 part proper. What this clip illustrates however is the fact the run up for said trick was absolutely soaking wet! It's this back story and explanation of context that makes these B-side clips so invaluable and increases our idol worship even more - long may they continue! 

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