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...where we do what we want
...where we do what we want
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...where we do what we want

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Route One in house filmer Alex Winstanley has been steadily working away on his latest independent scene video, chronicling the lesser seen side of the West Yorkshire scene, and we're stoked to be able to tell you that it's online now!

'...where we do what we want' features Alex himself, various other underground northern heads you've likely never heard of and a near full part from our very own Douglas McLaughlan! This is classic scene video action, containing real, relatable skateboarding by very average folk on very average spots.

Throw in cameo appearances from the likes of Manhead, unseen Mike Wright hammers and a sprinkling of other more well known names and we have the archetypal British skate video. As we all know, skateboarding hasn't always been about Street League and the Berrics; it's really all about normal guys and girls getting out and filming skateboarding simply for the love of it. This is what we have here, hopefully it'll inspire you to go make something better of your own!

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