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Burton Presents.... Jussi Oksansen and Mikey Rencz Full Part

Sep 2014 by Route One

The new winter season is officially apon us. We've got deliveries of snowboard gear arriving daily including tons from Burton Snowboards and not only that there are loads of trailers and feature videos being posted online that are getting us really excited for the season ahead. Burton kick it off with their first Full Part online release, with many more to follow so keep your eyes pealed!

Burton Presents showcases snowboarding through the eyes of Burton’s team riders. This segment features Mikey Rencz and Jussi Oksanen – two mavericks at the forefront of backcountry freestyle riding. Both are renowned for their proficiency on cheese wedges and natural features, but they tackle everything from pillow stacks to big mountain lines with potent style. Follow along as they ride Northern BC, the Whistler Backcountry, and St. Moritz, Switzerland.

This is 10 minutes of powder kicker, pillow dropping, backcountry Awesomeness! Enjoy!

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