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Cameo Wilson Is Pro For Darkstar
Cameo Wilson Is Pro For Darkstar
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Cameo Wilson Is Pro For Darkstar

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Darkstar celebrate their newest pro with this five minute section filmed in locations as far afield as Vancouver, Hong kong, Shenzhen and Las Vegas .

Cameo Wilson is the lucky devil going pro and there is no denying, on the basis of this part, the lad certainly deserves it. He serves up a smorgasbord of tasty treats all cooked to perfection; the smith grind 180 out on the curved rail in particular is more than worthy of a special mention.

What sets Cameo (great name, seriously great name in fact) apart from the majority of his dope/tech contemporaries is that he skates with the loosest of trucks; instead of having to tic-tac round corners he pretty much pumps the flat then knocks out the previously mentioned dopest of tech – it’s a combination you rarely see but my gosh does it work well. If he can inspire even 10 kids to slacken off their trucks whilst still keeping it fresh then the word is in safe hands. Big up Cameo!

CAMEO WILSON'S FULL PRO PART from DarkstarSkate on Vimeo.

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