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Davis Torgerson’s Ticket To Ride

Jul 2014 by Route One

Real Skateboard’s Davis Torgerson gets the ‘full part’ treatment over on the Thrasher website and blows the doors clean off the bus. Just committing to the tre in the first line, at the speed he is going, is gnarly, nevermind how ridiculous the opening and closing tricks of said line are.

While Davis may well have taken a back seat to Ishod over recent years, certainly as far as coverage goes, this gem of a part really should catapult him right to the very top of your ‘Favourite skater’ list; He’s got the speed of Busentiz, skates as powerfully as Huf, can step up to any of the rail spots Ishod merks and isn’t afraid to join Ramondetta in getting burley-yet-creative – he’s a proper ‘Real’ skateboarder in every sense of the word.

This section full of enders (the switch ollie when bombing down the bank after the backside nollie flip in particular) does not disappoint for a second, if you want a part to get you psyched up to go out and get serious this is it; Davis destroys!

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