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Casper Brooker Free Mag Part

Jan 2017 by Route One

Isle Skateboard's Casper Brooker and London-centric film maker Jacob Harris team up with the trusty VX1000 once again to produce this exclusive new part for the folks over at Free Skate Mag and it's a proper belter.

"Coming correct" comes easy for Nike SB backed burler Casper and pretty much everything Jake lays his hands on turns to gold right now so you know, before you even get site of that play button, that this is going to be more than worthy of your time. Brave Kirchart-esque 'all white everything' 'fits aside, this really is all you could hope for with mach ten street shredding hitting your screen within seconds once you do!

Set to Electralane's 2003 cover of seminal Springsteen track 'I'm on fire' and featuring both the hottest of current moves alongside classic tricks that'll always remain timeless, this is the cream of UK skateboarding 'summer of 2016' style; you're really gonna dig this one.

Casper Brooker Free Mag Part

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