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Ryan Lay's Fetish Part
Ryan Lay's Fetish Part
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Ryan Lay's Fetish Part

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Welcome skateboards drop the ultimate hype for their brand new full length 'Fetish' by releasing Ryan Lay's amazing full part, straight onto the Thrasher website.

Whilst regional premiere details pop up almost hourly over on Instagram, the thinking man's skater (that's Etnies rep Ryan obviously) sends his (and the brand's) stock stratospheric with a part that blows current trends straight to oblivion. Nollie hippie jump a bump to bar? Say what?? Nollie hippie jump a bump to bar??? Exactly...

Combine the hip filmer's camera of choice with some stellar big gap (yet still creative) ripping and you have yourself a pretty good time. Throw in a full on bonafide ender ender, the likes of which simply wouldn't cross the minds on 99.9% of skateboarders on the planet, and we all have the honour of being party to something special. Click the play button to see exactly what we mean!

Ryan Lay's

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