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Catching Up With Lucas Puig

May 2016 by Route One

The most hyped skateboard video of 2016 saw worldwide releases last week and we in the UK were lucky enough to be stop number three of the touring circus melee accompanying ‘AwayDays’ debuting.

Legendary French ripper, Helas main man, Cliché pro and Toulouse native Lucas Puig fought through the pain barrier to complete the tour and graciously sat down with us for a catch up chat; discussing everything adidas, Awaydays and more.

As well as all the standard questioning that accompanies any premium video release, we still had time to discuss recent skate politics, talk upcoming knee surgeries, catch up on Instagram feelings and even get some behind the scenes gossip on the whole Daewon/MJ Signing – for a man who claims to not speak English too well Lucas is fantastic to converse with and we hope you’ll enjoy hearing from him as much as we did!

Keep your eyes peeled for further adidas interviews; we have something very special coming your way soon!

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