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Chocolate Welcomes Hakeem Ducksworth
Chocolate Welcomes Hakeem Ducksworth
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Chocolate Welcomes Hakeem Ducksworth

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
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Hakeem Ducksworth. Hakeem bloody Ducksworth! Have you ever heard a name as rad as Hakeem Ducksworth!?! There we were, still confident that Mystery Skateboards' Everen Stallion was marching on to eternity with the raddest christened moniker in the history of skateboarding, then along comes Chocolate, announcing your boy Hakeem Ducksworth as their latest addition to the team. What a name; Hakeem Ducksworth!

Putting that to one side for a second, we're super stoked to see Chocolate and the Crail camp add yet more new talent and Hakeem certainly comes correct when it comes to his ability on the board. Classic LA schoolyard lines sit beside hubba tech gnar and some big stair jumping. The boy knows what he likes to do and he does it really well - No wonder Mike and Rick have picked him up.

Click play now for two minutes of the future of Chocolate, we can guarantee this is not a name you're going to be forgetting any time soon!

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