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Bobby Worrest 'Welcome To Venture'
Bobby Worrest 'Welcome To Venture'
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Bobby Worrest 'Welcome To Venture'

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • bobby worrest skate venture

The original big boy Bobby Worrest is back once again with yet more stellar footage, this time to announce his addition to the illustrious Venture Trucks team.

A proud Philly local to the core, the Pulaski lines in this are something else! In fact it's pretty much exclusively lines throughout, showcasing the reality of his skateboarding as opposed to the usual stunt approach we're so used to these days. And the Pulaski one that starts with waist high noseslide pretzel out? Ooft with a capital ooft!

Basically here's a man at the top of his game, cruising with the confidence of decades on a board. There's nothing fancy and there are no temporarily fashionable gimmicks, just a grown ass man skating like we all wish we could. Click play and see Krooked lifer Bobby get some!

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