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Chris Jatoft Pathways Part

Mar 2016 by Route One

Transworld Skateboarding are currently hosting Brett Nichol’s amazing Pathways video in its entirety and, to help nudge you in the right direction, they’re now posted Chris Jatoft’s part as a teaser to draw you in.

Filmed over the past five years, primarily in and around San Francisco, the full video draws many influences from Japanese skate film making and plays heavily on Brett’s love of modern buildings. Chris Jatoft on the other hand seemingly has a love of obscure skate architecture if this brilliantly unique part is anything to go by!

We’ll hand you over to Brett to introduce the part...

“Chris was one of the first people filming for Pathways when the project began. He has an unnatural ability to manipulate his way through impossible spots and exceeds what you think can be done. He is always trying to take things one step more difficult, one step more dangerous, and one step more creative. This mentality, along with enough energy for five humans, and a heart of gold made for a really unique video part. It was a pleasure to create it with him.”

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