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Cliché Gypsy Life Series
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Cliché Gypsy Life Series

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

When you think of Cliché the only thoughts that spring to mind are, living the high life in hot destinations, eating luxurious cheese's and drinking fancy wines you can't pronounce. Well you're 90% there, but on the occasion they remember that life wasn't always that grand as a skateboarder and times where tough!

So as a hats off to the nostalgic times Cliché take a couple of vans and hit the road with the crew, living rough, camping, washing in rivers and surviving on a €10 budget per day. This time around a full length video is being produced with sections from Kyron Davis, Flo Mirtain, Lem Villemin, Lucas Puig and more... The video is due to be released in April this year!

Also to coincide with the Gypsy Life video this colourful and quite eye pleasing series of boards have been released to get you hyped for whats to come!

Watch the trailer and check the products below...


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