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Cliché’s Gypsy Life Bonus
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Cliché’s Gypsy Life Bonus

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Cliché Skateboards’ ‘Gypsy Life’ video has to be one of our favourite releases of the past twelve months, so to see them putting out not one but three bonus clips fills us with nowt but joy!

Featuring leftover footage from everyone from Lucas to Kyron, via Hart and Geronzi, this 16 minutes of skateboarding split over three episodes (filmed and edited by Bist) only goes to illustrate just how hard working a team Jeremie and the guys are; Most of this certainly would be left overs for any brand other than Europe’s finest.

There’s a lot of secondary angles in their raw form of highlights that’ll you remember from the vid, plus some stuff that we cannot fathom why it wasn’t included in the first place. We suppose though, with a team as good as Cliché’s there’d never be enough room for all the hammers  - that’s why we get given edits like this!

Any Chet Childress appearance is always a bonus too!

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