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Darkstar Welcomes Dave Bachinsky
Darkstar Welcomes Dave Bachinsky
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Darkstar Welcomes Dave Bachinsky

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Exceedingly quick footed former City rider (and owner of some of the hardest mini ramp trickery this side of Daewon) Dave Bachinsky has deservedly found a home over at Chet Thomas’ bastion of the technical: Darkstar Skateboards.

In another sterling week of releases from Thrasher (Kelvin Hoefler’s ‘Green Card’ part was a right bobby dazzler) this four minutes of ATV action is the jewel in a very fancy crown. Every trick is popped and caught super high, every spot is skated at Mach Ten – to be honest it’s surprising how long Dave has been in sponsorship limbo given just how truly great a skateboarder the lad is.

As previously mentioned Bachinsky is not afraid to mix things up; equally at home knocking out tech lines down serious gaps as he is barging into some proper ledge dancing (all still faster than your average bear) before mixing up his tranny skills on the raddest of street quarters (and even a riverside boulder) – There is seriously nothing to dislike about this dude!

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