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Supreme: The Red Devil
Supreme: The Red Devil
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Supreme: The Red Devil

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Is it ok to ironically use Neo Nazi black metal, accompanying young Black and Hispanic kids skateboarding, as a means of peddling your wares? Bill Stroebeck and Supreme say yes with their latest release ‘The Red Devil’.

Odalistic ideals of Burzum’s Filosofem aside, the usual suspects produce some typically breath taking skateboarding – Na-Kel Smith in particular yet again lives up to his reputation as a fantastic skater to watch, killing the raw downtown backstreets as though they were a perfect suburban skate plaza.

The rest of the clip stands strong and is typical of Stroebeck’s earlier work – his style is very much unique and fans of his really won’t be disappointed. Speculation online has also noted that he’s released a clip like this for each of the last three Supreme “season” launches. So, fingers crossed, we’ll be getting more controversial footage from the king of New York pretty damn soon.

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