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DC Street Sweeper
DC Street Sweeper
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DC Street Sweeper

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One
  • DC skate street sweeper

Oh. My. Days. It's like the past seventeen years never happened; we're back in 2001 and, wow, does it feel fantastic. Fed up of a copycat world where everyone in street skating was doing the exact same thing, DC have said balls to it all and gone back to what they do best. Big shoes, tech pants and proper, legit downtown skateboarding.


Honestly, this really is like a portal to a different era. Perfectly filmed, eclectically (but thoughtfully) sound tracked and a cast of talent that'll make you want puffy tongues with a stash pocket quicker than you can mock George W. Bush, DC have well and truly smashed it out of the park with this one.

Opening with the legend that is Kalis (fresh from his first Thrasher cover and still killing the Philly night lines) and closing with his modern reincarnation John Shanahan, you could be forgiven for thinking this would be amazing if a touch one dimensional but that couldn't be further from the truth; despite the similarity in the opener and closer (special shout out the Shanahan for a career defining part) DC, much like back in 2001, have  pretty eclectic line up. The biggest surprise, as stoked as we are to see tricks from Wes, Madars, T Funk and the rest though, has to be the amazing John Gardner. Seriously, this kid had us shouting at the screen numerous times and for every questionable early grab stinker comes something so unfathomably gnarly that we had to rewind and watch it again straight away!

Seriously folks, skating has (in a lot of ways) become incredibly stale and devoid of any real variation for the past few years and whether swish pants and big shoes are your thing or not, it's amazing to see a bit of variation thrown back into the mix. Whilst we don't wanna see every dude and his dog rocking Muska pants next week, we're stoked big brands are taking a punt at last - maybe skateboarding still has a chance.

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