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Catching up with Mark Suciu Pt.1
Catching up with Mark Suciu Pt.1
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Catching up with Mark Suciu Pt.1

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  • By Route One
  • catching up with mark suciu skate

That's right! One of our most popular interviewees to date returns to the Route One hot seat and, boy, he does not disappoint!  Facilitated once again by the good folk at adidas skateboarding, Habitat pro Mark proves his mettle as the thinking man of skateboarding, offering his opinion and wisdom on a whole host of subjects and, much like before, he isn't afraid to call out those that need calling out and offer considerations that contrasts the status quo.


Filmed in May whilst in town for the travelling circus that was Street League, we simply had to get to the bottom of Mark's involvement. Previously quite vocal in his disdain towards the series, his sudden change of heart seemed strange. However his frank and honest reasoning for being involved, acknowledging the aspects he doesn't like but balancing them with the pay off (both monetarily and spiritually) makes perfect sense  to anyone willing to listen.

That isn't the only topic of conversation though (it'd be a tad of a one dimensional waste of his time if it were!). No, we chatted with Mark for close to an hour and a half and such was the breadth of conversation we were left with no choice but to split the interview up into two parts. This week you'll hear his sensational musings on the ideas of progression, marketing and competition, then next week it really gets serious! Trust us, this one is gonna ruffle a few feathers and is a damn good watch to boot!

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