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Dendridic Flux
Dendridic Flux
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Dendridic Flux

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Henry Edwards-Wood (a.k.a. Hold Tight Henry, a.k.a. HTH), champion of the Undercroft and UK HD pioneer, is back with his latest piece of work and it's 19 minutes of skateboarding cinematic brilliance the likes of which doesn't come around all too often.

Opening to the aged tones of Michael Gambon, explaining the facts of life to a browbeaten Daniel Craig in Matthew Vaughan's excellent 'Layer Cake,' and taking a much more existential and highbrow approach to the medium than most, HTH's 15th film provides food for thought as well as capital based skateboarding trickery for your entertainment.

Featuring the skateboarding talents of Jeremy Jones, Joel Banner, Tom Fox, Jin Shimizu, Elliott Wright, Jake Bidmead, Josh Arnott, Ashura Parchment, Dominic Parry and more, all your London architectural favourites get a stellar merking, alongside plenty of previously unseen gems. You're gonna need a cup of tea to enjoy them all so we suggest you put the kettle on right now...

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