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Seoul2k in Berlin
Seoul2k in Berlin
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Seoul2k in Berlin

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

German based English language mag site 'Place Skateboard Culture' might not be high on your radar for the latest skate news but it really should be; though their online presence may appear insignificant in terms of fan numbers (especially when compared to established sources Thrasher and Sidewalk) the quality of their output is second to none. And, if nothing else, they're responsible for introducing us to the amazing talents of Hyun Kummer and for that we'll be eternally grateful!

The clip in question features Korean streetwear brand Seoul2k (which, in fairness, does appear to base its identity around established US brand Bronze 56k) and their team's recent excursion to the German capital. The skateboarding in it is really good; genuine effort to produce quality tricks in this era of Insta-filler is massively welcome and young Hyun somehow manages to take tricks that would previously have been considered borderline "circus" and make them into things of dope beauty. The Kulturforum doubleset hammer in particular is a veritable face melter; who on earth does tricks like that!?!

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