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Dolan Stearns' Second Substance Part
Dolan Stearns' Second Substance Part
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Dolan Stearns' Second Substance Part

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Dolan Stearns’ ‘Meet The Lurkers’ part back in early 2014 shook the skate world to its core with steady mix of insane ditches and massive handrails.  A mind blowing Transworld cover soon followed and all seemed promising for the young man from Kensington, CA.

2015 saw a Real Street part add to his legacy and now the Brixton and Stance Socks rider is back once again with Transworld, this time with his “Second” substance part that’ll blow away any doubts you may have had about him being “the real deal”.

Kicking things off with a slam of epic proportions, the clip soon moves on to what we all really want – the Independent Trucks rider tearing up some crazy terrain making some seriously difficult moves look all too easy.

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