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Emerica's Wet Hot Summer Tour
Emerica's Wet Hot Summer Tour
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Emerica's Wet Hot Summer Tour

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  • By Route One
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Fair enough, we'll admit it. When we heard that Emerica's long term filmer and bastion of the skate shoe manufacturer's entire aesthetic image, Jon Miner, was moving to pastures new (Element's filmer in chief don't ya know) we feared for the future output of the brand. Everything they'd put out for pretty much the past 20 years was intrinsically linked with the colours and look he gave to their footage and we reckon we weren't the only ones left considering how future releases would compare to their stellar back catalogue.

Of course we needn't have worried. Whilst there is no doubt Miner's approach was the Emerica most of us have grown up with, the team remains strong and Pierre Andre Senizergues doesn't allow his companies to fall by the wayside, putting out below par content. This tour video has alleviated any concerns that may have remained, showing us that the Emerica video production of 2018 is definitely still in safe hands!

Filmed throughout their summer pan american jaunt, and featuring every Emerica rider you want to see, this is a good old fashioned tour video covering demo's and street missions a plenty. There's serious hammers for the hard core purists amongst you and dorky playabout stuff to entertain the rest. It's 27 minutes long and it's a hoot from start to finish; why did we ever worry they wouldn't be able to continue to pull this kind of thing off!?!



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