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Untitled 003: Nate Pezzillo

Sep 2018 by Route One

OK OK OK! We can't deny it any longer. If skate film making was a physical entity then Chris Mulhurn's productions would be our man crush and we're not ashamed to shout it from the roof tops!

At the fore front of skate video production for the past decade, capturing the best skateboarders in the most mesmerisingly beautiful ways possible, Chris Mulhurn has produced some of our favourite segments and turned veritable heathens like us into connoisseurs of modern day skate cinematography. Factor in those previously mentioned "best skateboarders" and few people can seriously lay claim to not being fans of the man's work.

His latest release, focusing on Philadelphia local Nate Pezzillo and including appearances from Suciu, Ishod and more, once again reaffirms our love affair with his ability to concoct an audiovisual masterpiece. And if you're one of those kids who couldn't give two hoots about how an edit's B roll raises a standard skate clip to the level of genius? Well the skateboarding contained within is pretty lit too. It's win win all round with this bad boy!



Untitled 003: Nate Pezzillo from Chris Mulhern on Vimeo.

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