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Flo Mirtain For Honey Pot Wheels

Sep 2015 by Route One

Cliché Skateboards’ Flo Mirtain celebrates his addition to the Honey Pot wheels time with this frankly ridiculous ‘VX’ section.

The young man from Lyon had not only one of the stand out appearances in Gypsy life but dropped the amazing ‘Home Alone’ section less than a year ago.  Admittedly he does live slap bang in the centre of one of Europe’s greatest skateboarding cities but to drop a part like this in under a year is staggering!

Any fan of Flo’s will know what to expect and that’s pretty much the unexpected! As trite as that may seem it really is true – who thought they’d see a nose many drop to nose many to slappy crooks when they pressed play on this? We certainly didn’t! The Fourstar and DVS rep has LVL 99 skateboarding skills and he really is a pleasure to watch, so we suggest you do just that!

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