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Fran Molina 'Bienvenido'
Fran Molina 'Bienvenido'
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Fran Molina 'Bienvenido'

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

Roughly translated as "you are welcome" Fran Molina shares his latest gift with us, the viewing public, in the form of this brand new part, showcasing the incredible technical prowess possessed by the young man from Almeria. Hosted by Thrasher, Andalusian native Fran is no stranger to sending 'standalone part' shock-waves around the world, and there are Mediterranean hammers aplenty in this, meaning his reputation as a European benchmark is upheld for all of planet skateboarding to observe.

Anybody who's had the pleasure of witnessing Fran cruise around MACBA first hand will testify the insane pop and consistency combination skills he holds within his arsenal; even visiting US pros of the highest calibre have been known to sit down and take stock, unable to do anything but watch in awe as they see this young precision master carve out his art on that fabled granite plaza. 

Long-time member of the Euro Nike SB team and recently announced as the latest addition to the Almost Skateboards roster, Fran's career seems to be going from strength to strength. On the evidence of this latest part it's inevitable he's going to become one of the great Euro transplants, keeping the yanks on their toes and showing them that we, this side of the pond, can still produce skaters to hold their very best to account!

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