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History Of Emerica
History Of Emerica
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History Of Emerica

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

Thought the title is a tad misleading (there's no mention of 1997's seminal release 'Yellow' sadly) this historical look at the audio visual output from one of the strongest brands in the game is essential viewing for anyone with the slightest interest in skateboarding outside the realms of Insta fame and Youtube heroes.

The Emerica this focuses on, the one of greens and golds that we've all come to know and love, belongs in part to the creative control exercised by in house filmer/editor Jon Miner. The man has been the helm since 'This is Skateboarding' and remains in charge to this day. His latest directorial offering 'Made 2' became available to download earlier this week and is the very reason we're seeing such a glut of excellent promotional pieces like this! 

The video itself focuses around an interview format and sees all your most cherished Emerica pros throw their opinions into the hat, covering the likes of everything from 'favourite part' to 'favourite song used' and showcasing a ton of archive footage along the way. 

If you're planning on purchasing 'Made 2' any time soon (and we really reckon you should) then this is the perfect hype builder to put on before hand. Listen to the guys then watch them shred, you seriously cannot go wrong!

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