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Isle: Dreamers

Jul 2023 by Route One

The resurrection of Isle is no doubt the end to a most curious affair in British skateboarding. Seemingly shelved after the success of Vase couldn't be replicated into long term sales, the majority of the team appeared to be on the verge of setting sail in the good ship 'Atlantic Drift,' only for long-Covid to incapacitate brains-behind-the-brand Jacob Harris before the idea could be manifested into reality.

An acknowledgement of responsibility from brand founders Paul Shier and Nick Jensen that they could have done more to make Isle work, along with the acceptance of Jake that Atlantic Drift Skateboards was no longer a viable option, seemed to kick-start Isle's renaissance and now, with a new media content creator in tow, the quintessential British company is back with 'Dreamers.'

And that's not all! Eagle eyed fans of British skateboarding will tell you that Kyron Davies' stint in sponsorship limbo, post Numbers, had not gone unnoticed. As one of the most exciting skaters in our nation's capital, this made no sense! Thankfully 'Dreamers' confirms Isle 2.0 has stepped up to the plate to offer the kind of home Kyron's talents deserve; if that takes Isle from strength to strength and means we get more Kyron footage then we couldn't be more stoked!

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