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Jenkem goes to Latvia with Madars Apse

Jul 2023 by Route One

Who doesn't love Madars Apse? We defo do! We also love Jenkem Mag, so this brand new collab piece is a bona fide match made in heaven!

Joined by skate-journalist Ian Michna in his homeland of Latvia, Element Skateboards' pro Madars takes us on a whirlwind tour of Venstpils (his home town), showing us everything from council parks to sketchy DIYS, mixing in more than a little Soviet era architecture along the way. And his picture on the side of a cow (really).

Bovine portraits aside, this is everything a Madars fan would expect, showcasing his insane ability and that quirky personality we've all come to love through his Red Bull 'Skate Tales' series. We're also treated to that classic Jenkem combination of irreverence balanced with legit journalism. As we said, it's a bona fide match made in heaven!

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