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Italo Romano - True Inspiration
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Italo Romano - True Inspiration

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Skateboarding has always been for anybody who wants it. Male or female, gay or straight, any colour, any religion, any age; quite simply anybody can grab a skateboard and interpret how it is to be used, and then use it as a tool to facilitate the absolute best of times.

25 year old Brazilian Italo Romano lost his legs age 13 in a childhood game gone wrong, but that hasn’t stopped him from simply being a skateboarder. Sure, he now travels the world and he rips hard as hell but the one thing most obvious about him is that his skateboard allows him to have fun and to do it in a way that he sees fit.

That said, he does seriously rip; his ender is off the charts! You want to get stoked on seeing skateboarding being interpreted in a way different to the norm? Italo is your guy.

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