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Jan Maarten Sneep 'Boom Bap'
Jan Maarten Sneep 'Boom Bap'
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Jan Maarten Sneep 'Boom Bap'

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • boom bap Jan Maarten sneep Skate

Part of the same Dutch crew as Daan and Nassim, Jan Maarten Sneep has the kind of trick bag most Instagram heroes would swap their Roy Purdy sunglasses for. Technical in the extreme with an eye for the most obscure street architecture, this two minute Transworld released part appears like a 'best of year review,' ticking every on trend box in social media skateboarding right now!

Exceedingly committed to his craft, Jan wore the same shirt for every clip in this part, despite it taking nearly five years to make. Think about that for a second; no ad hoc sessions where you happen to be feeling it so bust the camera out or month long sojourns to Barca - this part took so much effort to build it might as well have been sponsored by persil!

Check it out on Transworld here

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