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Santana Saldana 'Dos'

Aug 2018 by Route One

If you've slept on this part let us be the first to let you know what you've been missing! Sure, you've probably seen Gary Rogers referencing it (and the alleged lack of "swag" the senior Darkstar team possesses ) but if you haven't taken the time to actually press play on this one you really have dropped the ball!

Bringing the kind of steeze usually reserved to gentle, ledge style approaches, young Santana somehow manages to turn tech gnar into a thing of absolute beauty. Dipping smiths like strawberries in a chocolate fountain and catching flips like golden tickets in the crystal dome, the boy knows how to make skateboarding look good and ain't that a rarity these days! 

Seriously, the tricks themselves are off the chain and are enough to entertain every single one of us clicking play but the style he brings? Ooft, there so much steeze oozing out the whole world can get its fill!


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