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Jenkem: Regulate 001
Jenkem: Regulate 001
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Jenkem: Regulate 001

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

London film maker Austin Bristow has managed to make one hell of a name for himself in the skate world at the tender age of 19 and his latest venture (selling UK skate footage to the Yanks) showcases not only his own HD wielding talents but also those of his crew on their boards. 

Whilst Jenkem may have embarrassed themselves somewhat with the claim that nobody is producing rad clips of lesser seen skaters in our nation's capital (we'd have thought they'd have known better than that!) we have to give them props for showcasing Austin's work and some of the amazing skating going on from lesser known talents "darn sarf"  these days. 

Though a number of Austin's boys feature in this first installment (Tom Delion, Sam Roberts and Jeremy Jones all kill it) it is Mile End local Kyle Wilson who really shines. This kid is a serious talent that could make it all the way to the top if he so wishes; if you've been lucky enough to see him skate in the flesh you know he's summat special, if you haven't then all you need do is check out this clip - steeze and control like a boss...

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