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Yeah Right Log Tapes: Nov 2000
Yeah Right Log Tapes: Nov 2000
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Yeah Right Log Tapes: Nov 2000

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Anyone skating around the early years of the millennium couldn't fail to be caught up in the hype for the cinematic release of the decade, Girl Skateboards' 'Yeah Right'. Back then full length VHS releases ruled the roost and nothing came bigger than the likes of Koston, McCrank and P-Rod. 

Apparently found on a dusty old hard drive and harking back to a time before many of you were even born, this taped collection of footage from the early days of filming for the video is a treat for one and all; it doesn't matter if these weren't your halcyon days - classic footage is classic footage! 

Featuring a veritable cast of legends including Mike York, Stevie Williams, Rick Howard, Keenan Milton, Jeron Wilson, Chris Roberts, Jesus Fernandez, Guy Mariano and many more, this is mainly unseen footage that you really won't want to miss; we just hope there are a few more "dusty hard drives" out there containing more raw footage for us to fawn over!

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