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Jobs? Never!!

Oct 2018 by Route One

Jim Greco is an enigma, of that there is no doubt. Countless image reinventions whist still remaining true to himself, a near three decade career despite a heroin and booze addiction that would have killed many and an ability to do his own thing to his own standards, never giving a seconds thought as to how others may view him - nobody else is like Jim Greco. And ain't that a shame as he has to be one of the most interesting and engaging characters skateboarding has ever known.

His latest incarnation is definitely one of our favourites. Long gone are the neck tattoos of his mid thirties, and the eyeliner of those Johnny Thunders days is little more than a memory; the Jim Greco of 2018 is a living, breathing incarnation of a 70's Scorsese movie and it's quite obvious to see the influences in the art he makes. But stating that isn't to cheapen it at all; in a world of carbon copy VX clips set to 90's style house, Jim is doing his thing his way and it makes for some of the most interesting skate cinematography of the past few years.

Strictly speaking, from a skate trick perspective, this latest piece could easily be 15 minutes shorter. But this Jim's work and Jim has slammed for our sins (and oh how he slammed; truly vomit inducing and potentially career ending, of that there is no doubt) and in taking inspiration from one of the worst slams we've ever seen, to produce a piece that suggests dreamlike sessions with Penny followed the grim mundanity of everyday life before finishing with business like hammers a plenty, speaks volumes about the character of the man.  We said at the start that it's a shame that Greco is one of a kind and we stand by it, but thank goodness to have at least the man himself. In a sea of banality, Greco is the wheat to the modern era's chaff and long may his video based narcissism continue!

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