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Joe Moore – A Short Skate Film
Joe Moore – A Short Skate Film
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Joe Moore – A Short Skate Film

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Brett Novak, he of Killian Martin and Jason Park fame, spent two weeks with Leeds’ most technically creative son Joe Moore in August and this ‘Short Skate Film’ is the fruit of their labour.

There is no denying Joe is on a completely different plane when it comes to subjective thinking and his approach to what he likes to call his “puzzle plank”. His technical ability seemingly knows no bounds (there are tricks in here Daewon would struggle with) but it’s the completely left field thinking that really sets him apart from just about anybody else on the planet right now. One foot nose manny balancing a board on your head, only to drop it down and land in another manual? Eh?

Brett has wonderfully captured Joe’s eccentricities as they ventured around West and South Yorkshire and the videography is, at times, truly breathtaking – the six minutes you spend watching this will be truly mind blowing  both visually and in the way it effects your creative thought process.

Be warned; there is untold radness in many forms waiting on the other side of that ‘Play’ button.

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