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Jordan Maxham Grizzly Grip Part
Jordan Maxham Grizzly Grip Part
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Jordan Maxham Grizzly Grip Part

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • grizzly grip part jordan maxham skate

Who on earth makes a grip tape part? Jordan Maxham that's who! Yep, the crazy pant wearing, back smith grinding, handrail pop out king is back with some seriously terrifying skateboarding (and some equally terrifying outfits in which to do it!).

Coming straight out of Barre City, Vermont and repping his northeastern home hard, Mystery ripper Jordan may well bear more than a passing resemblance to internet fave Chadd Sinclair (and have amassed a greater number of sponsors than you've had hot dinners) but there's no denying the lad can take control of virtually any railing scenario and make it his own.

Popping out whichever way takes his fancy and never afraid to step it up in spike filled scenarios that would give his mother a heart attack, Jordan maintains the rep he built himself in Ty Evan's 'We are blood' and in a grip tape part no less! 

The play button is right here if you're wanting some 'balls to the wall' radness; you know you're gonna love it...

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