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Emerica 'Young Emericans'
Emerica 'Young Emericans'
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Emerica 'Young Emericans'

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  • By Route One
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Though a year has passed since Made Chapter two, and the departure of head videographer Jon Miner has no doubt altered the dynamic at the company quite dramatically, you can always rely on Emerica to produce the audio-visual goods and this brand new video 'Young Emericans' is every bit as rad as the back catalogue we've come to know and love.

Following the current trend that's seen a movement away from stand alone parts in favour of a longer EP style format, this 14 minute production promotes the talents of new bloods Victor Aceves, Zach Allen and Kayder Sylla with aplomb. 

Baker burler Zach opens proceedings with a speed wobble inducing hill bomb of the heartiest proportions before moving on to slay pretty much everything in his path. A tour section follows, showcasing all your favourite established names that've made the brand so successful, and then young Kayder Sylla takes his turn to run with the baton. A Baker boy like Zach, he continues the ATV approach mixing up handrails almost as big as him with transition more than twice his size - The kid rips and he's making sure you know it! 

Another montage maintains the pace before Victor Aceves closes the show with the kind of handrail assault Emerica has made its own for the past twenty years; this boy is not afraid to go big or take a tumble or two in his quest to up his banister game and it really shows - when memories of JT in 'Yellow' or Kirchart in 'This is Skateboarding' are summoned you know you're onto a winning formula!

Though comparisons with Miner's Emerica will undoubtedly persist, this new direction more than holds it's own and holds our attention too. Click play and give it a whirl; you won't be disappointed.

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