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Jordan Thackeray 'Red Bull: Curtain Call'
Jordan Thackeray 'Red Bull: Curtain Call'
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Jordan Thackeray 'Red Bull: Curtain Call'

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
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There's no two ways about it: Red Bull puts a lot of money into skateboarding. However, likely due to our tastes in this country, the chances are you aren't regularly checking out their content. Truth be told they have an image that conjours up visions of robotic Euro dudes precisely flipping their boards in soulless monotony and, for a nation of all-terrain rippers and raw concrete afficionados, this isn't overly appealling.

That idea, however, does their content production a disservice, as this amazing 'Curtain Call' from Colchester-based, transition favouring Lovenskate madman Jordan Thackeray illustrates.

Tearing up some of the crustiest 'crete you'll ever witness and dropping technical hammers of unfathomable magnitude, Jordan does for Red Bull Skateboarding what millions of Euros of marketing budget couldn't - he fully legitimizes their output and will have us checking back for more on the regs! 

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